April 20, 2009



Bro. Ted, In your small groups, how do you help people stay on course doctrinally without some form of curriculum. I was once involved in Lay Renewals in the late 70's in New England and loved the small group. I think they are wonderful. But I do see a snag that could rip into the process. It the group has no mature leader. How do you begin the process? Thanks, selahV

Ted E

SelahV, good question. There are many kinds of small groups. I try to help congregations begin them by first looking at why they want to have small group; selecting and training leadership; and then looking at whatever curriculum. Of course there is much more to it than that and part of what I do is to help congregations begin small group. I like the model used by many churches that has coaches, small group leaders, and apprentices. All of these are lay persons within the congregation. I believe that there should be parameters for curriculum that are consistent with the mission, values, and doctrinal stance of the church. When I use the term "curriculum driven" I am referring to a small group study that is designed primarily for a flow of biblical information. In other words, to know. By "relationship driven" I am referring to the kind of small group that is willing to be an authentic community. The study of curriculum is not just to know, but it is to do. There is mutual accountability. If that doesn't answer your question, email me and lets visit or find me on Facebook. Blessings, Ted

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